path1337 - Ignoring tyre compound reminder during restart

3 months 3 days ago - 3 months 3 days ago #120 by Julien de Rijk
Platform + League: PC F1
Coordinator: Julien2395
Date of Incident: 17/03/2018
Evidence (Photos or Videos:
Drivers' Involved: path1337
Description of the Incident:

First of all I don't like killing someone's fun or take someone's good result away (possibly)

Entering Qualifying, Duppy informed he had skins installed still, so he had to revalidate his gamefiles.
After Qualifying we restarted the lobby, and I reminded everyone (PC F1 drivers) they had to start on the compound they've Qualified on. path failed to do so, so he started on Softs.

He says he wasn't able to change it, even though everyone should know by now, after 7 months of the game being out, you have to add an extra stint, change the compound and remove the added stint again so you can commit to your own strategy. I feel like path gained time with this and should be penalized.
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3 months 3 days ago #122 by path1337
My excuse:
First of all, I have never had a situation, when you need to restart the session after quali. So when lobby got restarted, I saw the post to keep the tyres. But when I tried to choose SS at the grid, i literally couldn't. Tried many times, couldnt. Chosen softs at the end. Julien says about adding a stint. As I said, never had a situation like this so didnt know about it, and I think "everyone should know this" isn't true, as Kayz also didn't know about it.
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3 months 3 days ago #124 by Duppy
Could we have footage of this PATH?
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