Dangerous Driving

2 weeks 4 days ago - 2 weeks 4 days ago #335 by Fonz
● Date of Incident: 02/06/2018
● Video Evidence (screenshots, videos)

● Who are involved in the incident(s)? PixelNiels Dahara
● How did you see the incident(s)? Both cases of dangerous and reckless driving, PixelNiels decides to dive bomb across 3 cars and then forces me into Sam. Then In Eau Rouge Dahara tries to overtake me in the inside where there is clearly no space, causing a massive accident, and then also hits Sam in the rear.
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2 weeks 4 days ago - 2 weeks 4 days ago #336 by Charlie Whiting
We'll give PixelNiels a warning (not a reprimand) as he missed his braking point.

Dahara will receive a reprimand, we think he had enough time to slow down as ''cars suddenly went slow'' in his description of the incident. This is Dahara's first reprimand, 3 equals a Qualifying ban.
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