F1 2017 | AVR Season 2: Rules

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F1 2017 | AVR Season 2: Rules
All rules will be shown in their relevant categories.

• During Qualifying every driver that is on an out-lap, has to let cars on a flying lap through on a point where no time will be lost (this can be on a straight, or the run-off area)

• If you cut or extend a corner in Qualifying, please back off and try again.

Formation Lap
• During the formation lap everyone must stay in formation.
Anyone who doesn't stay in formation will get a Qualifying ban for the next round.

• If you've made a mistake (e.g. you spun) you must go back to your original position as soon as possible.

• The Defending Driver is allowed to make one move to defend their position. Moving more than once is called "weaving" and is illegal.

• The Defending Driver must leave at least a car's width space for the attacking car to not run off-track.
If this happens please let the driver through.

• When passing a car, it's your responsibility to do this in a clean, legal and respectful manner.

Session Restart
• When a session is restarted after Qualifying, everyone must start on the compound they Qualified on. If a driver fails to do so a Qualifying ban will be awarded which must be served at the next race the driver attends.

• If a session is restarted in the middle of Qualifying, the session will restart with the One-Shot Qualifying option.

• If a session is restarted after 50% of the race being completed, the race will run with 25% race distance, instead of the usual 50%.

*When not able to change a compound, add an extra stint, select the compound you Qualified on and remove the added stint again

Disconnections & Retirements
• A driver is not allowed to leave the session or retire without a good reason.
Good reasons are: Being a danger to other cars, or your connection being in a bad state.

• When leaving the session, please press the 'Retire from session' button first, so your AI car won't cause any problems.

Stewards Panel
• When incidents have happend, or a rule has been broken, this can be reported to the Stewards.

• If you have questions about the rules, then ask your Coordinator or another Admin.

Please read the Instructions first before reporting an incident.
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