F1 2017 | AVR Season 2: Race Lobby Settings

2 months 2 weeks ago - 1 month 17 hours ago #105 by Julien de Rijk
All Leagues - Session Options
Era: Modern F1 Cars
Maximum Participants: 22 (20 Drivers, 2 spectator slots)
Practice Length: None
Qualifying: Short Qualifying
Race Distance: 50%
Quick Weather: Dynamic
Session Start Time: Official*
Session Privacy: Invite Only

All Leagues - Race Settings
AI Driver Level: 80
Car Performance: Equal
Parc Fermé Rules: Off
Collisions: On
Vehicle Damage: Full
Safety Car: Off
Rules And Flags: On
Corner Cutting Stringency: Strict
Formation Lap: On
Race Starts: Manual

Assists Restrictions

Braking Assists: Off
Anti Lock Brakes: Off
Traction Control: Off
Automatic Gearbox: On
Pit Assist: Off
Pit Release Assist: Off
Dynamic Racing Line: On

Braking Assists: Off
Anti Lock Brakes: On
Traction Control: On
Automatic Gearbox: On
Pit Assist: On
Pit Release Assist: On
Dynamic Racing Line: On

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