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Welcome to the VOR Rules page.
Here you can find the rules relevant to each of the below categories.

Clean Racing
● When in a battle with another drivers, both should do their absolute best to avoid any contact.

● When defending, you're allowed to make ONE defensive move on a straight. Same goes for cornering. No blocking allowed.

● When overtaking, make sure you make your move in a good place which is safe for both drivers.

Lobby restarts
● When restarting the lobby before Qualifying is half way through, a new lobby will be set up with Qualifying running from scratch.

● When restarting the lobby after Qualifying is half way through, a new lobby will be set up with one-shot Qualifying

● When restarting the lobby during the Qualifying-to-Race transition, the Qualifying results will be put in using the Grid Editor.

● If a driver disconnects from the race, before the lights are out, the race will be restarted.


● Points will be awarded to drivers finishing in the top 10:

1st - 25pts
2nd - 18 pts
3rd - 15pts
4th - 12pts
5th - 10pts
6th - 8pts
7th - 6pts
8th - 4pts
9th - 2pts
10th - 1pt
11th to 20th - 0pts


● Tier 1: Racing Line & Automatic Gears allowed, all other banned.
● Tier 2: All allowed except both Pit Assists.
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