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Hi everyone!
For all leagues we use a Discord Server, with channels created specifically for each league.
If you're in the Discord Voice channel or not is entirely up to you, however communicating during races might be useful!

Click here to be invited to the Official Discord server.
When you've joined the server, a League Admin will assign you the needed roles as soon as possible.

Discord Server Rules

To keep everyone feel nice within the Discord server, we've set up some rules that everyone must respect!

1. Respect everyone, no matter what rank they are.
2. No NSFW content.
3. Do not spam.
4. Please try to discuss topics in the right channel.
5. Don't promote your own work. We have a "share_your_content" channel for that.
6. Do not discriminate against someone or a group of people.
7. Do not ask for higher ranks.

If you fail to oblige to these rules, we will punish you accordingly. If you break the rules multiple times, you will be banned from the Discord server.

We hope you enjoy chatting in our Discord Server!
- The AVR Team
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